When your Radion, Apex, or any other reef electronics will not turn on or act erratically, it can add stress to the hobby that we all enjoy. The manufacturer repair service offered is mostly limited to component replacement (for example: main board, LED clusters, power supplies, etc.) This can lead to several problems:

  • Large component replacement is expensive. Why replace the entire LED cluster when it only has 1-2 burned out LEDs or a corroded connector?
  • Manufacturers stop carrying original replacement parts for previous generations of devices. They often refuse repair due to lack of spare parts. You just wasted time and money shipping the broken equipment to them.
  • Liquid-damaged equipment is not covered by any warranty. The manufacturer will not even attempt a repair and will ask you to purchase a brand new device.

We can often fix the problem for less. Our approach is to get to the root of the specific problem and repair just that.

Our Common Repair Services

Ecotech Radion

  • Light indicator blinks red or blue
  • LEDs are burned out, missing or corroded
  • Specific light channels do not turn on
  • USB port is not working and/or unable to connect to computer to configure or update
  • Light does not communicate with Mobius, Reef Link or other lights
  • Radio needs to be upgraded to support Mobius
  • Cooling fan replacement

Neptune Apex

  • EB832 power supply upgrade and repair
  • Wifi is not working on Apex 2016
  • Apex main module connectors corroded
  • Liquid damage to any Apex module
  • Connector replacement
  • EB8 or EB832 is not powering on
  • EB8 or EB832 individual outlets are not working
  • Apex module fails to connect to the head unit

Other Common Repairs

  • MaxSpect Gyre controller is blinking red
  • Tunze ATO is blinking red
  • Vortech controller is not working
  • GHL Doser is not turning on
  • Liquid damage for most reef electronic equipment
  • Corrosion clean up and restoration
  • Connector replacement

Why Have Your Reef Gear Repaired by Us?

  • We specialize in reef electronics repair. It’s all we do. As a result we can diagnose and repair virtually any problem quickly.
  • We repair multiple brands. You save even more by combining devices from multiple vendors shipped to one place.
  • If your device has multiple problems, we can fix them all, not just fix the first one and assume that it’s going to work.
  • We can do board level repair and replace only what is actually broken.
  • We stock many parts saving you time and money.
  • Our parts are at least as good and, most of the time, better quality than the originals. Your equipment will be more reliable and will last longer.
  • We do not rely on original manufacturers for spare parts. Your device can be repaired, even if components are no longer available from Ecotech, Neptune, AI, etc.
  • Board level repair allows us to keep our prices fair.

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