How do I start my repair?

We have made the process very simple for you. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. First register,
  2. Then submit a repair request.
  3. Receive a Repair ID from us. Add your name and the Repair ID into the box with your equipment.
  4. Ship it to us at the address provided.

What do I include in the box?

  1. To minimize shipping costs, please only include the item itself in the shipping box.
  2. Do not include any power supplies, cables or manuals.
  3. Do include your name and Repair ID in the box. This way we know the history of the device and where to send it to once the repair is complete.

What happens next?

Once we receive your repair item, we will perform a free diagnostics on the device and estimate the repair. Then, you will receive an email from us detailing the problem and the repair cost estimate. If you would like to proceed, then we will repair the item for you.

How much does a repair cost?

Most simple repairs will cost around $110. If there is extensive damage to LED clusters, then the cost may be higher because each high power LED costs around $6-8. We will always communicate the estimated repair cost to you before we proceed with the repair. Once the repair is completed, then you will receive the invoice detailing the costs and the total price.

How much is return shipping?

We charge return shipping, even if the item cannot be repaired or the repair is refused. There are volume shipping discounts that we provide to ensure that the shipping costs are as low as possible. A typical return shipping is around $15-20 for larger items, such as LED lights for example. We prefer to ship USPS priority to ensure that you get your device back in just a few days.

How long will a repair take?

The repair time truly depends on the complexity of the problem. We understand that your reef relies on the device working and we will complete the repair as soon as possible. Most basic repairs take 1-3 business days. We try to keep many parts in stock to do the repair quickly. However, in certain cases, additional parts may be required and can add 5-7 days to the repair.

Feel free to contact us to get a rough estimate of the turnaround time that applies to your specific situation.

How do I pay for my repair?

Once the repair is completed, then we will email you an invoice, which includes the itemized repair and return shipping costs. You can pay via Paypal with your credit card or by check.