Hi, my name is Alex. I am a scientist and an electrical engineer. I have also been a marine aquarium hobbyist since 2007. Over the years, I have gained experience with various reef gear. These experiences eventually lead to the realization that:

  • Saltwater is very hard on electronics.
  • Reef equipment gets more and more expensive every year.
  • Manufacturer warranty is short and does not cover water damage.
  • Out-of-warranty repair is either non-existent or expensive due to large component replacement.

This inspired me to help the reefing community by offering a low cost, mail-in repair service for a large variety of equipment.

I specialize in board level repair of most common reef electronics. For example:

  • Neptune Apex
  • Ecotech Radions
  • AI Hydras
  • Controllers for Maxspect Gyre

I have a lab fully equipped with microscopes, soldering stations, an ultrasonic cleaner, and testing equipment to take on corrosion damaged components, water damaged boards, etc.

My spare parts are sourced from large national reputable suppliers and often exceed OEM quality to provide a reliable repair.