Today, we have another Radion XR15 patient. This time it is a G4 pro which does not turn on.

You can tell from the outside that the light is in a rough shape despite being fairly new. Salt deposits and corroded screws do not inspire confidence in what is going to be found inside.
From this point, it will indeed only get worse.

Notice what looks like green salt accumulation at the perimeter of the lens. Green is not good; this means that we have oxidized copper in it which does not just come from anywhere, but we press on…

Radion LED modules have printed traces on the surface made of copper. When enough salt creep makes its way onto the surface of the module, then it eventually starts eating away the copper. This eventually breaks enough traces and renders the light inoperable.

Time for some close up pictures of the damage.

Notice that some of this is still wet and looks like thick paste. This will continue to eat away the copper very aggressively unless it is removed.
We will clean up everything and expose all damaged traces.

Only now can we assess the damage caused by the oxidation.

Believe it or not, this is quite repairable and we just need to carefully restore each trace. Even a trace that is not fully broken by the corrosion will need to be restored to at least the same level of copper conductivity. The amount of current flowing through each trace is significant.

And of course, we cannot leave these traces exposed to the salt. A good layer of UV curable mask is applied to insulate everything.

Everything is good to go!

Finally, it is time to remove and replace the thermal paste and test the light.

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